Airtel Triple Surf Offer: Getting The Best Data Reward From Airtel

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The Airtel Triple Surf Offer is a new data plan from Airtel. This new airtel triple surf  has been designed by the Telecommunication giant to reward their data subscribers. You can get reward of up a double of your current Airtel Data plan.

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The Airtel triple surf offer is designed i such a way that Airtel data subscribers get more for their loyalty to the company. It is not a data plan on its own. It only gives you bonus on your data subscription based on your current Airtel data plan. The Percentage of data you get is dependent on your current Airtel data plan.

The Airtel triple Surf offer gives Airtel data subscribers up to 100% bonus on data activation on purchase and renewals.

According to Airtel, the triple surf offer is designed just for you. It is to reward you for being on the Airtel data network.

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The Airtel Customers get 50% bonus on selected bundle on activation.  On first (1st) renewal of your airtel data plan, you get up to 75% bonus and up to 100% bonus on second (2nd) renewals. Can you beat that.

Full Details Of The Airtel Triple Surf Offer

The full details on activation and bonus of the Airtel Triple surf offer is as given in the table below;

Service PlanPrice (N)Data Allowance1st Subscription1st Renewal2nd  Renewal
3 day20050MB50%75%100%
Android 22,0003.5GB50%50%50%
Android 3.53,5007GB50%50%50%

Subscription Code For Airtel Triple Surf  Offer

To subscribe for Triple Surf, Simply dial *141#.

How To Check Airtel Triple Surf offer Balance

Checking your balance on this plan is the same as checking your airtel data balance.

To check your Airtel data balance, simply dial *140#.

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Welcome to the Airtel Triple surf Offer. Enjoy your data bonus.