Dugout App download – Watch Behind The Scenes Videos Of Football Clubs

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Dugout is the world’s first digital platform connecting the world’s major football clubs and their fans better. Dugout is supported by the biggest football clubs and players across the major leagues in the world. The Dugout app or Dugout website brings to you the behind the scenes videos of your clubs and the players.

Dugout has been described by the publishers as the ultimate destination for football fans globally, brought to you by the world’s biggest clubs and players.

The dugout app makes sure that football fans across the world get all the passion, skills, lifestyle, personality which are the main things that football generally offers to us.

Dugout says that 90 minutes is never enough. What about the other 22 and a half hours left in the day? Dugout has them covered for you. It gives fans a full access to unlimited high quality behind the scenes videos of football dugouts of leading football clubs in the world.


Dugout is supported by some of the major football teams in the world. Examples of such top clubs includes AC Milan, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, AC Milan, Paris Saint-German, Real Madrid and many more.

With spectacular contents from these clubs, you can get closer than ever before to your favourite teams and also see what your closest rivals are up to?

Dugout is not only supported by football clubs; it is also supported by dozens of top players who have signed up to Dugout to deliver exclusive contents to the wonderful football app.

Dugout is home to brilliant original content from your darling clubs before it is shared to others across the world. It means that you are usually the first to know.

You also get constant news feeds such as Sky Sports on Dugout with exclusive content and there’s a constantly updating trending feed curated by Dugout’s own team of football experts.

The Dugout app is simple to use, built specifically for iOS devices to give you the best possible experience.

You can personalize your Dugout experience. In the Dugout app, each club and player has their own dedicated feeds to showcase all their videos, pictures and posts, and you can choose which to follow.

And stay ahead of the game with notifications and alerts straight to your device when fantastic new content is published.


Dugout download is free for both Android and iOS. Apart from downloading the dugout app, you can also use the Dugout outline by using the dugout website. To download Dugout follow the link below.

Download Dugout for iOS

Dugout download for Android

The Dugout app that has been released is for iOS. Just keep searching through the google play store to know when the Dugout Android is out.