Felabration Promo: Download Fela’s album and win a TECNO Phantom 6

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Felabration Promo – It is another season or edition of Felabration and it has come with lots of fun and prizes. This edition of Felabration comes with the felabration super promo for all. We are going to expose the full Felabratrion promo here.

Hey people! the 6th  edition of  FELABRATION is here and we are excited to let you know that you can now listen to & download FELA’s songs on Boom Player!. For those who are wondering what is Felabration and why the Felabration promo, Felabration is the celebatrion of Nigeria renowned Jazz icon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti which lasts for a week.
 Recently Boom player, the #1 music download and streaming service that is fast becoming every music lover’s go to music store, acquired the rights to distribute Fela and Femi Kuti’s musical content.
Boom Player has also partnered with Felabration to celebrate the late Afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and launched an online campaign to give fans of Fela a chance to win some amazing prizes, which includes the just launched TECNO Phantom 6!

Felabration Promo:  Download Fela’s album and win a TECNO Phantom 6

The following are the steps you have to take to stand a chance of winning the boom player Fellabration promo:
1. If you don’t have the app already, install the Boom Player app.
2. Download at least 6 FELA albums on Boom Player
3. Take a screenshot of your downloaded albums & post on Facebook with the hashtag #BoomFelabration
4. Invite your friends to like your post 10 participants with the highest number of likes will win. Top two winners will win the new TECNO Phantom 6 and a chance to meet with top artists during Felabration.
TERMS AND Conditions
Note the following terms and conditions for the Felabration promo:
1) Participants with spoofed likes will be disqualified without any notice.
2) Winners will be required to provide their Boom IDs for verification of music download.

3) Entry closes 8th of October and winners will be announced 9th of October. For more information, go to https://goo.gl/sur9G6

So this edition of Fellabration with the Felabration Promo is going to be exciting and fun all thanks to BOOM PLAYER.