How To Generate N.O.U.N RRR Number – NOUN Registration Portal

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The National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN) uses the Remita payment platform. Are you a NOUN student or just prospective student wishing to pay for NOUN registration?  I will be giving you a quick step by step guide on how to generate N.O.U.N RRR number.

Since the introduction of the TSA by the Federal Government, Remita has become the commonest means of payment across Nigeria. To make any payments for anything at the National Open University of Nigeria it must be done through Remita.


Whether you are paying for NOUN school fees, NOUN logbook e.t.c, it has to be done through Remita. This is why it is important for you to know how to generate N.O.U.N RRR number on your own without having to go to any Cyber Cafe. Good a thing, once you know how to generate N.O.U.N RRR number, you can always do it on your phone browser via the NOUN portal.


1: The Remita Retrieval Reference code is a 12 digit numbers i.e 1101 3005 6905
2: It doesn’t expire except a payment has been made.
3: You’ll get a message sent to your mailbox ones the code is generated

How To Generate N.O.U.N RRR Number For Fees –

Below is the step by step guide on how to generate NOUN RRR number for NOUN fees on your own without needing to visit any Cyber Cafe. To generate N.O.U.N RRR number:

1: Go to the NOUN official portal on

2: Click on Student Login. If you are yet to register, go to the NOUN registration portal here and complete your NOUN registration first.

3: Enter your student login details and Click Login.

4: At the studyware student information area, Click on Manage Wallet.

5: Choose Load wallet from the drop-down menu option.

6: Fill-out the wallet Account funding form. In this article, I’m assuming you selected the Bank branch payment option, not Bank internet nor MasterCard. However, you can pay your NOUN school fees online via Mastercard or Bank internet portals.

7: Click Pay to generate your NOUN Remita Retrieval Reference Code.

8: Copy the Generated Remita code to any Noun participating banks to make your payment. The NOUN participating banks are; FCMB, ECOBANK, ZENITH BANK and SKYEBANK.

I believe and hope that with our guide on how to generate N.O.U.N RRR number for NOUN fees above, you can now generate Remita RRR for NOUN school fees on your own.

If you are still facing challenges or difficulties with generating NOUN RRR number from NOUN portal as described above, do well to let us know through the comment box below so we can know how to help out.

Do you now know how to generate N.O.U.N RRR number for NOUN fees?