Screencast App for Android Download – Record Your screen

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Screencast App for Android Download – Record Your screen – –  Being able to record our smartphone and computer screen while using it is on the new advancements in the tech world. Today you can comfortably record your screen thanks to the availability of screen recorders like screen cast. Screencast is a screen recorder application. With Screencast app you can record your screen into high quality video. The recorded Videos are saved on your sdcard as MP4 file.

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The screencast is a screen recorder that enables you to record your screen while doing some demonstrations on the background. So while the screen is in use you can be recording it. It records videos in HD format. It comes in very handy in make demonstrations, video tutorials, gameplay as well as in a host of other such things.


The following are just a look at some of the things you can do with the Screen Cast app.

  • The Screencast app allows you to record your screen to HD and FullHD videos. Now this makes it an excellent Screenrecorder.
  • Record audio from the mic, Ideal to create tutorial, a promotional video, record game and gameplay or record a video chat.
  • The Screencast android app enables you to record your face and your emotions from your front facing Camera in a configurable overlay window. This Camera can be moved freely to any position on the screen adding a whole new dimension to your tutorial videos or gameplay. Silky isn’t it?
  • After you finish your video recording, with only few clicks your recorded videos will be on your YouTube channel and boom
  • You can view, Share, and delete your recorded videos with an easy and clear window.
  • Screencast is highly customizable. You can configure video (FrameRate, Size, Bitrate) and Audio (Bitrate, Channel, SamplingRate) easily on Screencast free screen recorder.
  • You can set a delay before record is launched, it may be convenient if you have something to prepare before going ahead with your screen casting.
  • Cut produced video with the internal video cutter in the Screen Cast apk
  • This screen Recorder also allows you to add Background music to your videos

PLEASE NOTE: Screencast  Videro recorder works without root on all devices running Android Lollipop and Marshmallow and it can also run on some unrooted phones on older version of android.  However, for all other  devices prior to Lollipop, a Root access is needed in order to get working this application. All you need to do is to get your phone rooted to start using this app. This video recording app uses FFMPEG application for the encoding process.


                          Screencast app download

If you experience any difficulty while downloading Screencast video recorder on your phone let us know in the comment box below. For questions, comments, or clarifications on how this Screenrecoder works, feel free to use the  comment box below to get back to us.