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TFPDL –  The TFPDL free download site is your all in one site where you can download full movies, TV Series, Music, Games, Software, Ebooks and more. All your download is free requiring no subscription. This article will walk you through how to download Movies and TV Series from the TFPDL site with images.

If you’re looking for a website where you can download free Movies, TV Series and more, you will probably have many such sites online but the TFPDL download site – is the first name that comes to mind. Great sites such as and are certainly great options but unlike these sites which focus only on full movies and Tv series respectively, TFPDL offers more. In addition to downloading full movies and TV series from the tfpdl site, you can also download Music, Games, Software, Ebooks and more.


Things you can download from TFPDL site?

As I stated earlier, TFPDL site is not just for movies and TV series. Below is a list of  the other contents you can download from the TFPDL site for free:

  • Movies
  • Tv Series
  • Music
  • Games
  • Software
  • Ebooks
  • And much more

Some features of the Tfpdl site

The following are some of the things you should know about tfpdl free movies download site:

⇒  The website currently is It was formally TFPDL.DE.

   The site is free to use and requires no form of subscription to download any contents. All you will need to download from this site is your internet connection and enough space on your device of course.

⇒  You will require no registration before you can download from the site. Unlike Netflix and their likes which will require registration and a paid subscription for you to use them, this site offers you everything with no commitment of any sort.

⇒   You have many categories of contents to download such as full movies, full TV Series, Musics, full games, software, Ebooks and much more. The site is an all in one download site making sure that you get all the things you want from the same source.

⇒   The movies and TV series come in various formats or qualities such that all devices are supported.

  The site supports Mobile, Tablets and PC downloads all in high-quality formats.

   You have many download links available to you which ensures that the links are not crowded at any time and you can download movies and TV series as fast as possible. code that helps to keep the links safe.

⇒ PLEASE NOTE:  There are too many ads on the site which be misleading at times especially for new users and this is the major thing of concern to me when it comes to TFPDL.


How to download Movies and TV Series from

I have outlined the steps on how to download from Tfpdl download site. In this guide, we will be downloading JUMANJI and we will make use of the firefiles download link. To download movies from the tfpdl site follow the steps below:

1:  Go to the TFPDL website on

2:  Search for the movie or Tv series that you want to download. Simply type the name in the search bar and click on enter. You can also follow the categories directly to get what you want instead of using the TFPDL search button Eg. Click TV series if you want to download a series like Gotham, designated survivor etc. In this guide, we will be showing how to download JUMANJI – Welcome to the jungle.


3:  Click on the Movie from the list that pops up or the TV series episode that you want. Select from the list displayed to you based on the different formats or qualities available on TFPDL site.


4:  Scroll down and click the Download Link which says DOWNLOAD NOW as shown below to go to the SAFETXT.US site.


5:  Enter the code on the site and click on submit to confirm that you are human and not a robot.


6:  Select any of the download links that will be shown to you. There is usually a lot of download links for each movie or TV series. In this tutorial, we will use the firefiles download link which is usually the first link.


7:  Scroll down on the next page and click on Free Download.


8:  Click on the arrow pointing download to start your download. You will need a few seconds to minutes for you to complete your download depending on the size of the file and the speed of your network. In about 3 minutes, your download will be complete.


For questions, comments or contributions about TFPDL movies site, please use the comment box below. Do not forget to share this with your friends on the social media using the social media icons below so that they too can enjoy the goodies that TFPDL has in offer.