Why You Need SwiftKey Keyboard For Your Android & iOS Devices

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In our last article, we discussed SwiftKey Keyboard Free Download For Android & iOS. Now we want to let you know Why You Need SwiftKey Keyboard For Your Android & iOS Devices. We will take you through some of the amazing and outstanding features of swiftkey Keyboard with over 250 million users.

Why You Need SwiftKey Keyboard For Your Android & iOS Devices

Swiftkey Keyboard remains and upgrade to all other smartphone keyboards with over 250 million users. . It helps you do more with your phone and eliminates typographical errors. It adapts to you like husband and wife. See the Amazing Reasons why You need a Swift key Keyboard below:

1. Adapting to You:  Making use of an artificial intelligence, it automatically learns your writing style. This also includes the emoji you love to use in both social media and normal text or note typing. It takes note of all the words and emoticons that matters to you. The makes the autocorrect very functional since it it adapts to you individually.

2. Takes care of all your typing tastes: This includes your preferred designs, colours and also themes.

3. Supports over 100 Languages: Swiftkey Keyboard not only supports languages but also goes down to specific variations of the language if any. Example…If it is English, it will also take care of the UK, US, Australia and Canadian Forms of English. If it is Spanish, you will have ES, LA and US variants to choose from. From Engish to Polish, Portuguese to African, Swift Keyboard got you covered.

4. kills your typographical errors.

5. Gets used to your slangs, nicknames phrases and sentences.

6. Over 80 colours, themes and designs.

7. An emoji Keyboard that helps you express all you want to say using pictures instead of texts. Its a wonderful emoticon wonderland.

8. Bilingual autocorrect for all the over 100 languages.You can teach the autocorrect your quirks by using your online account.


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