13 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cucumber That You Should Know

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uihIt is a well known fact that when we eat fruits and vegetables, we make ourselves healthier and live longer. Today we will be looking at a very simplified but wonderful health benefits of cucumber that is worth knowing by everyone.


Cucumber is one of the most consumed fruits across the world today. Though some of us just eat cucumber because its a fruit, without knowing the benefits, this article is here to tell you why you should keep up the good habits. Ranging from keeping you well hydrated to cancer prevention, cucumber has many health benefits.

13 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Cucumber

There are so many benefits of consuming cucumber, some are still undergoing research while some are already proven. The list below contains all the proven health benefits of consuming cucumber that has been proven by science.

1-Keeping You Hydrated

About 96% of cucumber is made up of water. An important adage says that “water is life” So no mater how busy you are, take a few slices of cucumber to keep up your daily water needs. staying hydrated also helps prevent kidney stones and wrinkling.

2- Good Source of  Vitamins And Minerals

Cucumber does not just contain only water, it also provides you with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, it is also a good source of important minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum, and phosphorus.

3- Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

It has been found that, regular consumption of cucumber is a good way of preventing cardiovascular or heart disease. The good potassium content in cucumber helps to reduce blood pressure and also reduces the risk of stroke in people living with hypertension. It also reduces the cholesterol levels of the body.

4- Protects Your Bones From Fractures

Regular and good consumption of cucumber is good for your bones especially in the elderly. Low levels of vitamin K  intake has been found by research to increase the risk of bone fractures. As little as a cup of cucumber juice per day is enough  for your daily Vitamin K needs. Thus one of the wonderful health Benefits of cucumber is to prevent bone fractures.

5- Prevents Cancer

Cucumber contains a high level of nutrients called cucurbitacins as well as polyphenols called lignans. Researches have found out that, these nutrients have been found to block the growth or proliferation and survival of cancer cells. This cancer fighting ability of cucumber ranks among the best of all the wonderful health benefits of cucumber. It fights all types of cancers.

6- Cucumber Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Cucumber is widely used in skin treatment and skin care for a reason. It contains some important skin friendly minerals that helpes prevent wrinkles and keep the skin young and succulent. cucumber has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin decreases swelling, irritation, and inflammation.

7- Helps You To Loose Weight

Regular eating of cucumber helps you loose excess weight weight and keeps your body healthy and fit. It has been found that excess weight is a big health risk as it increase risk of heart disease and diabetes. For this reason, i will advice that we all make cucumber and important part part of daily diet menus.

8- Cucumber Keeps your Mouth Healthy and Odor free

Another reason you should eat cucumber is because it helps in healing you gums. It cucumber is rich in fibre and water helps to prevent mouth odor by increasing saliva production. The saliva helps wash down the bacteria that causes mouth odor.

9- Prevents Kidney Stone

Another good benefit of eating cucumber is its ability to keep the kidneys healthy. Apart from the water content, it also reduces the uric acid level which in turn reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

10- Aides Digestion And Prevents Constipation

Adding cucumber in your diet is good because the fibre content of cucumber helps in digestion of food. The fibre in cucumber also helps in prevent constipation by making sure that bowel movement is good.

11- Protects You From Certain Neurological Diseases

Researches has suggest that fisetin  a substance contained in cucumber plays an important role in brain health. It went further to suggest that it may be important in reducing the impact of old-age related neurological disease on the functions brain . This has been found helpful to patient with Alzheimer’s disease who have gross impairment of cognitive abilities.

12- Maintenance of Body Heat

Cucumber helps to maintain body heat. Cucumber helps to prevent ant treat sun burns when placed on the skin. When ingested, another important wonderful health benefit of of cucumber is that it prevents heartburn.

13- Relieves Both Joint and Muscle pains

Cucumber contains certain anti-inflammatory minerals and nutrients. Another content of  cucumber is Flavonoids, an anti-inflammatory substance, and tannins which limit the release of free radicals in the body. These substance helps protect against body body and joints pains which another wonderful health benefit of cucumber.

These listed wonderful health benefits of cucumber are the reasons why you should consider eating more cucumber on a more daily basis.

Please if you know more  proven health benefits of eating cucumber, tell us in the comment box below.

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