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Have you made your Facebook avatar just yet? Are you jealous of your friends showing off their Facebook avatar on Facebook? It is time to join the fun, Isn’t it? If you really want to create an Avatar for yourself on Facebook then you’re at the right place. In this article, I will be showing you how to make a Facebook avatar in less than 5 minutes. You will also get to know more about Facebook avatar app. Is it the same with Facebook Avatar maker?

Facebook avatar is the new fun on Facebook right now. Time and again, Facebook is always looking for a way to make social media a fun place to be. Little wonder the American Social media is the largest social media platform on earth.

Recently, Facebook rolled out the Avatar feature which allows Facebook users to create cartoon-like images of themselves. You are given free hand to make a cartoon character that really represents you with the Facebook avatar app. You are able to customize your Facebook avatar to represent you in real life.  It lets you express yourself anyhow you wish with your Facebook avatar customized to suit your mood.

You can then use your avatar on the Facebook profile photo, Facebook stories, Messenger, comments, stickers etc.  Your Facebook avatar can also be used on other social media platforms such as – Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc as stickers. The Facebook avatar app or Facebook avatar creator is available on Facebook app both in Android and iOS.

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What is Facebook Avatar App?

For now, there is no official standalone app called Facebook avatar app from Facebook. Therefore, anyone talking about Facebook avatar app is talking about the Facebook avatar maker or Facebook Avatar creator. The Facebook avatar maker is part of the new Facebook app. It is not a different app from Facebook, so if you are looking for the official Facebook avatar app, you will have to download the latest Facebook app or update your current app if you already have one.

The Facebook avatar creator also called the Facebook avatar maker is not available on Facebook like and it is also not available on the Facebook web at least for now. So if you want Facebook avatar made from the official Facebook avatar maker, it has to come from the Facebook app. However, you can use it on lite and the web thereafter.

PLEASE NOTE: Apart from the official Facebook avatar maker, there are other apps that can just do the job for you if you do not have the Facebook avatar maker in your account just yet. We are going to leave you with some other wonderful alternatives to Facebook avatar makers.

What is Facebook Avatar Maker or Facebook Avatar Creator?

This is the official Facebook avatar link with which you can create Facebook avatar. It is embedded in The Facebook App, unlike the Messenger app that stands alone. It is an integral part of the latest Facebook App. Avatar maker is not yet available to every Facebook account and also not in some countries yet. Facebook avatar maker is only available in Facebook accounts from Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for now. It will eventually reach every Facebook account though.

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Facebook Avatar app

How To Create Facebook Avatar in less than 5 Minutes

Below is our step by step guide on how to set up Facebook avatar on your device. It will only take a few seconds to create your Facebook avatar.

1. Download the latest version of the Facebook app or update your current Facebook app. Do not use Facebook lite or Facebook web.

2. Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap the menu bar (three stacked lines). It is at the lower right corner on iOS phones and at the upper right corner on Android phones.

3. Scroll down and tap “See More.”

4. Select “Avatars.”

5. Tap Next and then “Get Started.”

6. Then customize your Facebook avatar the way you would want it to be. You can customize your skin, hairstyle, face, eyes, body shapes, nose and outfit.

7. Tap on the checkmark icon in the upper right corner when you’re done customizing your avatar. Finally, tap “Next” and then “Done” to save your new Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar App Alternatives

These are alternative apps that you can use to create Facebook avatar. This section of our article is for those living outside the countries where Facebook avatar is available right now or those who do not yet have the Facebook avatar creator in their Facebook account even though Facebook avatar link is in their country. The Facebook avatar app alternatives are as listed below both as mobile apps and web avatar maker.

Download Bitmoji App for iOS and Android

Download Avatoon Avatar maker for Android

Create Avatar on Web

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