How To Deactivate DND on MTN – Code To Stop MTN Messages in Nigeria

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Here is a detailed guide on how to deactivate DND on MTN to start receiving some important third-party messages on your MTN line in Nigeria. We also looked at how to stop receiving MTN messages on your lines. This service is free.

What is DND?

DND stands for “Do Not Disturb”.  This service allows GSM subscribers to opt-out of receiving unsolicited third party marketing messages and calls. The MTN DND service allows MTN customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages for 3rd Party services such as Bulk SMS, VAS promos, etc.

If you noticed that you no longer receive SMS OTPs, verification codes from some sites, job alerts, transaction notifications from your online payment gateways etc, you probably have DND activated automatically on your MTN line.


Although some of these messages can be a bug sometimes, some third-party messages are absolutely necessary sometimes. You will need to deactivate DND on your phone to be able to receive such messages again.  That is where this guide on how to deactivate DND on MTN comes handy.

What are the features of DND?

  1.  Fully Blocked mode:  This feature allows customers to totally stop receiving promotional messages via SMS and IVR on their MTN line.
  2. Partially Blocked mode:  With this,  customers can filter service categories for promotional messages they wish to receive. Any category not selected by the customers is blocked completely.

How To Deactivate DND on MTN

Please Note: When you deactivate DND, you will start receiving promotional and third-party messages on your line. Below is a full detail on how To Deactivate DND on MTN Nigeria.

DND can be deactivated or activated via SMS.

1: Text ALLOW to 2442 to receive all SMS and IVR Messages. This will automatically deactivate DND on MTN line.

2:  To deactivate DND, text HELP to 2442 and choose from the list displayed to you.

3: How to deactivate DND on MTN for specific service. Send any of the corresponding codes below to 2442 to deactivate DND for it.

Example: To receive Education messages, send 3 to 2442 via SMS.

Products Code to 2442
Stop all SMS and IVR Messages STOP
To receive all SMS and IVR Messages ALLOW
Banking/Insurance/Financial Products 1
Real Estate 2
Education 3
Health 4
Consumer goods and Automobile 5
Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT 6
Tourism and Leisure 7
Sport and IVR 8
Religion 9
              Christianity 91
               Islam 92
              Others 93
Information on new products and services 10
News Alerts 11
To check DND Status STATUS

How to check MTN DND status

To check status, you will need to text STATUS to 2442

How to Activate DND on Mtn – Code To Stop MTN Messages

When you activate DND, you will stop receiving MTN messages. This is how to stop receiving MTN messages on your line. The danger is that you will also not be able to receive some important messages and notifications on your MTN line. To activate DND on MTN Nigeria:

Text STOP to 2442.

You can also deactivate DND on MTN or activate DND to stop receiving MTN messages by calling MTN customer care line on 180 or 181.

If they are unable to help you, simply do it manually by activating the service and then deactivate it.

Text STOP to 2442 to activate service. After you get the notification of DND deactivation your line, text ALLOW to 2442 to get yourself back to the service.

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