How to Deactivate DND on 9Mobile – Code To Stop Receiving 9Mobile Messages

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This article is a guide on how to activate or deactivate DND on 9Mobile network. After reading this guide, you will be able to block unwanted messages and calls on your 9Mobile Nigeria line.

what is DND?

DND is an acronym for “Do Not Disturb”. This service allows customers to opt-out of receiving unsolicited third party marketing messages and calls on the GSM numbers.

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what are the features of 9mobile DND?

The features of 9mobile DND includes:

1: Full Blacklist: This allows 9Mobile customers or subscribers to opt out of all third party marketing messages. With this, you have a complete DND activation on your line.

2: Partial Blacklist: This feature lets customers subscribe to specific third-party service categories e.g. Health, sports, religion, Entertainment etc.

How much does it cost to use the DND?

The DND service is free for all customers.

How to Activate DND on 9Mobile – Code to stop 9Mobile Messages

If you activate DND on 9Mobile, you will stop receiving all promotional messages and calls from third-party services. This may affect important notifications at times.

Too fully block your number from all third party marketing messages:

SMS STOP to 2442.

How to Deactivate DND on 9Mobile Nigeria

When you deactivate DND on 9mobile, it means you have given 9mobile permission to allow you receive calls and promotional messages from third-party services. However, you can choose to partially deactivate DND on 9mobile or to fully deactivate DND on your line. Below is the full list of how to deactivate DND on 9Mobile.

A: To fully Deactivate DND on 9mobile: SMS the keyword START to 2442.

B: For partial Do not disturb deactivation on 9Mobile:

  • SMS “LIST” to 2442 to view the partial blacklist keywords then, from there you can select the ones you like.
  •  Send any of the corresponding codes below to 2442 to deactivate DND for it.

Example: To receive Education messages, send 3 to 2442 via SMS.

Products Code to 2442
Stop all third party marketing messages, calls etc STOP
To receive all SMS and IVR Messages START
Banking/Insurance/Financial Products 1
Real Estate 2
Education 3
Health 4
Consumer goods and Automobile 5
Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT 6
Tourism and Leisure 7
Sport and IVR 8
Religion 9
The above list shows how to deactivate DND on 9Mobile as well as how to activate DND on 9Mobile.

Will I still receive contents I subscribed for after adding my number to the DND list?

Yes. The DND service only applies to third-party marketing messages. You will need to opt out of the existing service. To opt out of a specific service text “HELP” or “STOP” to the short.

I hope this article on how to deactivate DND on 9Mobile as well as how to activate DND on 9Mobile was helpful.

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