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ProcessMaker Open Source BPM Tool & Workflow Software – ProcessMaker is your open source BPM & workflow software solution anytime, any day. If you are looking for the best open source BPM tool or workflow tool, process maker remains one of the best bet if not the best. ProcessMaker is a cost effective and easy to use open source business process management (BPM) or workflow software app.

ProcessMaker BPM tool is an easy to use workflow and business management application that helps to improve the efficiency of both employers and their employees. An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for business analysts to model approval-based workflows. ProcessMaker will assist organizations of any size any type with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds both online and offliine.

The ProcessMaker BPM tool is entirely web-based and allows you to run workflows seamlessly across mobile and desktop ProcessMaker apps.

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It is the first choice Business Plan Management tool across the world.  The ProcessMaker Open Source BPM tool reduces the time spent on planning and programming of business and workflow ideas. It is also important to note that, the ProcessMaker workflow software features an extensive toolbox which provides the ability to easily create digital forms and map out fully functioning workflows.

ProcessMaker is extremely efficient, lightweight and has one of the lowest overheads of any workflow software in the industry. ProcessMaker has the added advantage of being an open source BPM and Workflow tool. It is the first choice BPM for those in various industries, departments and organisations eg Financial institutions, Education, Crime, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance and government, healthcare and the likes.


Features Of ProcessMaker Open Source BPM Tool & Workflow Software

Below are the core functional nad operational features of the ProcessMaker Open Source BPM Tool & Workflow Software. They are subdivided into 4, namely Build, Run, Report and Optimize respectively.

1. ProcessMaker Build –  Under this feature, you can download the desktop version or use the web version of ProcessMaker to create custom process maps, responsive HTML5 forms, and other workflow components. Connect your process to your systems through the REST API. Deploy your processes to the run-time workflow engine.

2. RunStart processes and manage your task inbox from the mobile or desktop app. Fill out forms in both online and off-line mode. Use mobile controls such as finger signatures, Barcodes, photos, audio, video, and geo tags.

3. Report – In the desktop or web version you can build custom dashboards and reports for managers and employees to help them better manage their workload.

4. Optimize – Study performance metrics and use information learned to improve your processes on the desktop app. Managers and analysts can continuously improve performance by discovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies using the processMaker Open Source BPM Tool.

Download ProcessMaker Open Source BPM Tool

Before Going to ProcessMaker  download, it is important to note that you must not install the software to be able to make use of processmaker. You can simply go to the processMaker website.

To download the processMaker Open Source BPM Tool, click on any of the links below, fill in your details and then click on download to complete processMaker download.


For More on ProcessMaker,  go to or you can call the proccessMaker Customer Care on: +1-617-340-3377