South Africa’s Best Insurance Companies

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When it comes to issuance clients need to get the best from their providers. You need to get an insurance company that has the best policies and quotes. In the past this choice used to be a very difficult one but with the era of good internet service you can sit right in your home and make your choice. This article on south Africa’s best insurance companies is meant to help you make such choice.

Why Do You Need An Insurance Cover In The First Place

In all honesty, the world is a fleeting one. It is here today and there tomorrow. So nothing in this one has a permanent place in the world with unforeseen occurrences everyday. Bearing this in mind you need to get yourself, your home, your loved ones, and your properties, your health insured so as to have something to fall on should anything happen.

List of South Africa’s Best Insurance Companies

The South African Insurance companies listed below provide services such as : home, health, life and vehicle insurance respectively. The listing is based on their good policies and client reviews.


When it comes to Vehicle insurance, this company remains the best insurance company in South Africa and one the best the world over. They have best rates on vehicle insurance. The company applies fixed amount on excesses and removed broker fees in the process. OUTSURANCE claimed that if you join them and they are unable to your previous/current insurer, then you will get a sum of R400.

With offer their customer a 24hours car assistance if there is accident or car breakdown. Outsurance premium remains steady for the whole year. With their Out-bonus package, customers get 10% of their Premium back if they did not claim for a certain period of time. Outsurance also offer you very nice death and disability covers. They also remain the best on anything household insurance.


While Triarc Life Insurance is one of South Africa’s newest insurance companies it is one of the best. Triarc Life Insurance offers you premiums from R150 a month.Triarc is underwritten by GuardRisk Life which ensures clients that all claims and policies have to be honoured.

The life insurance plans offered by the company includes: Disability Cover, Life Cover, Functional Impairment Cover, Dread Disease Cover, Income Protection and HIV Life Insurance.


Clientele has over the years remained the best when it comes to hospital plans. Customers daily payments for any day they spend in the hospital for health reasons. Clientele offer rates that are very affordable starting from as low as R10 monthly. They provide you with R200,000 hospital cover on Surgeries, Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease.

They remain one of South Africa’s best insurance companies. You need to feel that your family is well secured and that is what Clientele insurance offers you.


Since 1918 Sanlam has been in South Africa providing insurers with wholesome and excellent service. Salam has the best life insurance policy in the whole South Africa.

With excellent rewards, developments, benefits and occupational opportunities while providing insightful advice on balancing life, money and work. They also have branches across the whole SA with unbeaten customer service.


1Life Insurance has made itself unique by offering basic life cover as well as disability benefits, dread disease cover and funeral cover. The company offers their customers excellent service at good rates.

When it comes to life Insurance, 1Life is a very top choice. They keep looking for innovations and ways to make their customers benefit more. Their investment products also offer very customer friendly premium options.


PPS Insurance offer very affordable and flexible insurance cover for your car and home. Their customers enjoy many benefits such as unlimited geyser cover, accidental damage to television sets and glass, Free 24 hours Road Side Assistance, All Risk Cover and Excess Waiver. Just what could be better.

PPS INSURANCE “All Risk Cover” gives a Worldwide cover for all your household items. Their “Excess Waiver” simply means you won’t have to pay any basic excess of any kind. Wow!!!


First for Women Insurance  just as the name sounds caters for South African women only. It is a fact that men are more irresponsible and reckless when it comes to driving and self care. First for women insurance tries to protect the interest of women bearing in mind the above reason.

It grants women opportunity to pay lower rates on insurance. Highly recommended for every woman as it remains one of South Africa’s best insurance companies.


Santam provides top quality insurance cover for your household items. They provide insurers with a wide range of cover in the event of a burglary, loss or accident. Santam protects such household items like electronics, clothes, furniture, gardening equipment, hardware tools, towels, toys and carpets.

Santam knows that the crime rate in the world is on a steady increase with SA one of the best hit in Africa. This is why they completely got your home and belongings covered. Get a santam insurance cover for your home today.


Discovery Health provides hospital and medical aid plans at very affordable prices. Sickness and accidents are some of the unforeseen occurrences and you need to Insure your health in a company well known for offering the best.

This company has gone just beyond just offering health insurance but also provides customers with lifestyle modification packages that can lower their rates.


In 2015, Zurich Insurance came second only to an outstanding Outsurance as South Africa’s best insurance companies. They offer one of the best insurance premiums to their members. They are very reliable and have one of the best customer care services in South Africa.


Having been in the business for close to two centuries (167 years) their experience is so vast and porvide their clients with unmatched services. They offer a wide range of products such as funeral, life, disability and death plans. Old mutual remains one of South Africa’s best insurance companies.

Other Top South African Insurance Companies Includes:

Alexander Forbes

Discovery Insure


Momentum Short Term Insurance


Auto And General

Centiq Insurance


Mutual & Federal

Standard Bank


Dial Direct

Budget Insurance

King price Insurance.


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