Registration Requirements for Newly Admitted Nigerian Students

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We want to start by first congratulating all the newly admitted Nigerian Students. Going through JAMB stress and all the anxiety that follows it was not easy. We do not want you to undergo another stress during your year one registrations. For the above reason, we want to give you the list of  registration requirements for newly admitted Nigerian students in Nigerian Universities.

After you confirm that you have been admitted, the next most important step is to gather all the your documents needed for registration. Sometimes we make the mistake of not remembering to do this before school resumption. Those who remembered to do so at times do not get the complete requirements and will have to do some travels and running around when others are already in class receiving lectures.

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Registration Requirements for Newly Admitted Nigerian Students

Below is the list all the necessary clearance documents for new students in Nigeria. Some of the clearance documents are compulsory registration documents for new students in Nigeria while some are not. We differentiated them below. It applies for Every Nigerian University or other Higher institutions.

Compulsory Documents for new students in Nigeria Universities

1. O’Level result Certificate:  This any of WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTED  certificates or the equivalents. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your certificate is not yet ready, get the computer printout of the result sheet from your principal. This sheet contains not only your name but also those of other candidates. Attach it to your o’level result and use it for the time being until your certificate is ready. Most schools do not accept only the WAEC or NECO or NABTEB result printed with scratch card.

2. Birth certificate Or Age Declaration.

Some schools also accept baptismal card. If you do not have a birth certificate, please go to court and swear affidavit for age declaration.

3. Certificate of Origin. Please go to your LGA Headquarters and get one now before school starts.

4. Original Jamb Result Slip.

5. Letter of attestation or letter of reference by a reputable person in the society. This could be a Clergyman/Imam/ Lawyer/Senior Civil Servant or even your village chief.

6. Admission slip or admission letter or official proof of admission.

7. Recent sized passport photographs: Please Get at least 12. You can get more because Year one will require a lot of passports from you.

Other Registration Requirements for Newly Admitted Nigerian Students Not Compulsory

  1. Secondary School Testimonial. Most schools do not ask for this but others do so try and get yours. Everyone should have one after all which is probably why they do not bother to ask. This is even more important in Church owned schools because it is what tells your secondary school story.
  2. Primary school testimonial. This is same as the one from your secondary school; while others ask for it, some do not.

Try and get all the above documents ready before school resumes for registration. These documents apply to every Nigerian Tertiary Institution. (Universities, Polytechnics and colleges).

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