Types Of USA Student Visa For International Students

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Are you dreaming of studying in the United States of America? It is surely a dream for many around the world to study in the USA. Well, you will need a Student Visa to study in the USA. Today, I will be showing you the different types of USA Student Visa that you can apply for if you want to study in the USA and how to apply for them.

Generally, you will need one of the types of student Visas if you wish to undertake a college, undergraduate, or postgraduate academic program in the United States of America. Your course of study and the type of school you plan to attend will determine the type of USA student Visa that you will need to apply for.

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USA Student Visa application

Types Of USA Student Visa

There are currently three types of USA student visas available at the time of this publication and they are meant for different kinds of study disciplines and plans. The 3 types of USA student Visa and their respective course and programs are listed below.

1. F Student visa
2. M Student Visa
3. J Student Visa

F Student visa

This is the commonest type of USA student visa for international students. It covers most of the types of academic programs and courses for international students in the USA. It includes the popular F1 Student Visa. The F student visa of the USA government is for study at an accredited U.S. college or university or to study English at an English language institute.

Programs covered by the USA F Student visa

The following types of academic programs in the USA will require an F-type USA student Visa.

  • University or College
  • High school
  • Seminary
  • Private elementary school
  • Conservatory programs
  • Other academic institutions including a language training program

M Student Visa

The M Student Visa though not as common as the F1 student visa, is required for Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institutions, other than a language training program in the USA. It is generally for non-academic or vocational study or training in the United States.

J Student Visa

This is the USA student visa category for the Student and Exchange Visitor. You will need the J1 visa if you are undertaking any of the United States government Exchange Visitor programs. The available exchange visitor programs currently in the US are as listed below:

  • Au pair and EduCare
  • Camp Counselor
  • Government Visitor
  • Intern
  • International Visitor (Dept. of State use)
  • Physician
  • Professor and Research Scholar
  • Short-term Scholar
  • Specialist
  • Student, college/university
  • Student, secondary
  • Summer Work Travel
  • Teacher
  • Trainee

For more on the types of USA Student Visa for international students, please visit the official USA Student Visa website.

How To Apply For USA Study Visa

To apply for United States study visa, follow our step-by-step guide on USA student Visa application.