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Wakanow Sign Up – Waka Login – www.Wakanow.com –  Wakanow is a leading African onlineTravel company. It offers customers information as well as services like flight, hotel booking and hotel reservations, visa assistance and much more. You will need Wakanow Sign up or Wakanow registration get even more from wakanow.com.


  Wakanow.com offers help to travelers in planning their trips both locally and globally. Wakanow.com offers travelers the cheapest available fares for flights, hotel reservations, airport pickups, visa assistance, vacation packages and many other travel services from a broad selection of partners.

Wakanow was founded in Nigeria in 2008 and it has grown to become Africa’s leading online travel assistant. It has grown its reputation both within and outside Nigeria. Wakanow.com has since grown to become the 5th Fastest Growing Company in Nigeria.

Wakanow Registration: Why register with wakanow.com?

We all now know that Wakanow is an African online travel company based in Nigeria and provides services like booking flights, hotels, transfers and obtaining visa assistance. Apart from those services, Wakanow sign up or Wakanow registration offers you the following advantages

  • Save money with Member Pricing
  • Earn loyalty points and rewards
  • Get exclusive member deals and special offers
  • Also get up to date information by signing up to the newsletters

Wakanow sign up | Wakanow Registration – www.wakanow.com

Waka now sign up is easy and simple. All you need is your Smartphone or PC with internet connection and you are good to go. To create Wakanow account, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Log on to the Wakanow website www.wakanow.com

2. Click on the account at the top right hand side of the home page



3. Choose create an account from the drop down list

4. Fill in your details in the Waka now sign up form

5. Then click on create account to complete your wakanow registration process

Wakanow Login | Wakanow login – www.wakanow.com

Wakanow login can be done via the the Wakanow mobile app or Wakanow website. The process is the same no matter where you are doing it. To login wakanow.com account, follow these steps;

1. Log on to www.wakanow.com

2. Click on account and select “sign in”

3. Then enter your Email and password and click on “sign in”

Categories of Wakanow.com services

The following are some of the categories in the Wakanow.com website.


  • Wakanow Pay Small Small
  • Wakanow Flights
  • Wakanow Hotels
  • Wakanow Vacation Packages
  • Wakanow Attractions
  • Wakanow Cards
  • Wakanow Travel Sim Card
  • Wakanow Bus
  • Wakanow Rewards
  • Wakanow Destinations Africa

Wakanow Contact  |  Wakanow Customer support lines in Nigeria

To contact wakanow you can call  either of these Wakanow contact numbers 012773010 , 07009252669

So in summary, Wakanow is an online travel company for booking flights, hotels, transfers & obtaining visa assistance. They offer you cheap and affordable services. We have discussed also how to create Wakanow account registration or Wakanow sign up. We also looked at Wakanow Login and Wakanow contact.

Feel free to use the comment box below if you have questions or contributions to make as regard Wakanow Sign up and Wakanow login.